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.Yupur company develops programming products on the basis of next principles

• A software, system or application [robot] may not injure a human being, or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

• A software, system or application [robot] must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

• A software, system or application [robot] must protect its own existence so long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws.

By Issac Asimovs Three Laws of Robotics.

About company

Team .Yupur company - working on the market since the beginning of the third millennium, even though the company is registered in the UK only in 2014. .Yupur Company develops and implements projects based on the following main priorities.

Projects .Yupur company unique and implemented taking into account their specific needs and expectations, but their common feature is the requirement arising from the company's philosophy and methodology of project development.

Each project is carried out by a step circuit, when the project is implemented in several stages, so that the implementation phase of the project obtained a complete ready-to-work and the employee base for the next phase.

In all projects .Yupur company laid a mandatory development potential for the further modernization of the product or its possible new applications.

Marketing aimed at methodology of creating "centers of gravity" of potential customers who are consistently developing attract new customers.

Activities .Yupur company, its experience in the field of Web-based applications, portals and web development projects, professional skills and technical skills of the team, the methodology of development of software products together, allow us to carry out projects at the highest possible technological level, implementing projects at the optimum use of resources and achieve maximum business effect.

Realised projects .Yupur company

.Yupur - Publishing system AmsagirInfo.

.Yupur Company has developed a publishing system AmsagirInfo, editorial software development environment and manage the process of preparation and production of the magazine.

.Yupur - Engine for representative sites Kayq-engine.

.Yupur Developed its own engine based on Ajax technologies (JavaScript). On the basis of the engine is implemented animalON.ru project is a social network for pets and their owners. The engine is implemented content management system, flexible configuration system and support multibrauzernogo interface, including support for tablets. Platforms: Unix / Apache, Unix family. Technology: Ajax / JavaScript, PHP / MySQL. Browsers: Explorer 5.5, Firefox 1.5 and above.

Internet projects implemented by .Yupur company

classON.ru - children's education in the arts. The project presents art schools (including musical schools) music schools taught specialization, requirements and conditions of training, music library, a social network of young talents and so forth.

Music schools project presents the sites of musical education. A huge amount of useful information necessary for students of music school and broadens the mind. The largest in runet music library, a library, music literature and recordings of works.

The music library is constantly evolving based on the materials included in the curriculum and recommended works for the development and deepening of art and musical horizons of students.

Music material replenished also by visitors sends to the music works.

melodyON.ru - related project classON.ru, where young composers and performers (mostly classical music) present their work, share with his fans his talent.

dealerON.ru - a project which shows the official dealers of automotive brands represented in Russia. customer reviews. The site introduced a rating system that awards dealers rating depending on the evaluation and reviews left by customers.

On dealerON.ru presented official dealers of foreign cars in Russia, their addresses, as well as reviews and recommendations of buyers who are divided into pages of information about the services provided.

Contact information auto dealerships and dealer centers in Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg and others.). Ratings dealers determined on the basis of reviews and customer ratings dealerships.

Surveys of foreign brands, prices and ratings. Consumer quality and properties of car dealers represented in Russia.

animalON.ru - social network of pet owners. Here are the dogs, cats and other pets who live next to us. Photo album and stories about pet, advice from experienced and search favorite. You will find new friends and your love for animals. The project is made on the basis of its own engine Kayq-engine.

Yupur Team Customers were Archiline, PrintCode, eLSi fashion, redorigami, and some other companies.

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